I am not sure what you think of as adult fun, but I have got a pretty good idea.

There comes a time when you just know that you have to grow up and change your lifestyle a little bit. You can normally tell, when you start considering that some things are more fun than others. Last night, after coming home from London escorts, that was the kind of fun which was on my mind. It had been a long day at the London escorts agency that I work for, and all I wanted to do was to sex up my boyfriend.

Instead of putting my jeans and jumper on, I slipped into some sexy lingerie before I left my London escorts apartment. A pair of black stockings finished off the assemble, and I was soon on my way out into the night wearing nothing but my sexy lingerie and a fake fur coat. Just as I got on the Tube, I texted my boyfriend, and told him that I was not wearing much and asked him if he was ready for me. Holding on to the handcuffs I had slipped in my pocket, I did not bother to wait for a reply, I just switched the phone off and left London escorts duties far behind me.

When I arrived home, I found my boyfriend sitting in the living room watching the football. That was not what I had in mind for our evening together. Having looked after my London escorts dates all day, I wanted to spend the night looking after my boyfriend. I told him to go into the kitchen, sit down on a chair and put his hands behind the back of the chair. Before he knew it, I had put the handcuffs which I had slipped in my pocket at London escorts, and was stood in front of him in my fake fur coat.

I gentle let it fall to the floor, and let him see what he had been missing since this morning. My boyfriend gets seriously turned on by nipple clamps, so I had put a pair on for his pleasure, and my own pleasure as well. His eyes widened, and I took his trousers off, and started to give him a blow job. Tonight I was going to be his personal adult pleasure from London escorts, and I had every attention of surprising him at least a little.

At first I was planning to slide down his dick and just ride him until he came, but then I thought the better of it. Instead, I invited him to lick my little hot London escorts pussy by putting my ass in his face. It felt good, and I did not want him to stop, but I could not get to his dick in that position. Finally I slid down his cock with my ass against his stomach. As I slipped the nipple clamps off, I started to to rid him, and play with my nipples at the same time. Changing position to face him, I put one of my nipples in his mouth, and told him to suck. A few minutes later, we came together in a great big explosion. Now that is what I call having adult fun… what do you like to do for adult fun?

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